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Master Farah is an amazing teacher! I was so worried about how my high-energied boys would do here. Not to worry, Master Farah is calm, patient and never gives up. My boys love it here. They have gained confidence, respect, compassion and more! The atmosphere is great, and is very family friendly. I would definitely recommend this martial arts school!

Joyce C

There are a lot of martial arts schools to choose from, but they are not all created equally. Anyone can teach the skills, but HOW they teach them separates the best from the herd.

I have been a student at Authentic as well as a parent of a high-performance athlete for ten years. And the things I have witnessed that keep me recommending this school are far too numerous to name. One very recent example, however, was how Master Farah helped an athlete who nearly crumbled during his grueling black belt test from almost giving up, to performing quite literally the best he ever had. It took not only encouragement and compassion, but an intimate knowledge of the student and his personality to turn a near-disastrous situation into one of the most positive of his lifetime. I told him after he passed his test that he will remember that moment for life. And that there are few places in this world where he can feel so loved, trusted and supported.

If you are considering martial arts for you or for your kids, come by and try out a few classes for free. It's always best to test it out and see how the classes work with your own eyes.

Rob Nadler

We have tried a number of Martial Arts places in the area. Haven't found anywhere that compares. If you are looking for a supportive and encouraging environment, the staff are all welcoming and take the time to make sure you are feeling like part of the family. My kids are feeling more self-confident, stronger, encouraged, healthier and have a sense of belonging, since they have joined 6 months ago. Thank-you Authentic Taekwondo!

Markham Mom

Awesome coaches, great energy!

Oti Lia

Its never too late to learn. Im 42 and loving it!

Nelson N Katrina Leon

What a great Taekwondo school. The best in Markham. Thanks Master Farah.

Conway Chan

Master Akmal Farah is a true gentleman to the sport of Taekwondo

Al Di Giovanni

The best Taekwondo school in Markham!

Ray Ortiz

My daughter had been a Canadian National Taekwondo champion for number of years, who admires Master Farah as a person, mentor and a great coach. Great ability to identify the individual skills, mindset and talents. I personally have a great relationship through Taekwondo which turned in to a friendship since we first spoke. My daughter’s first ever international Gold medal ( 2016 Spanish Open ) was only possible with the exceptional coaching of Master Farah. Great family man with values, integrity and class.

Jerom Vev

I've been coming here for years and have never felt the need to go elsewhere. All the teachers and coaches are great and are really well suited for the classes they teach. From the same instructors, I've seen them effectively engage children while being able to challenge older and more advanced students, often even within the same class. Having taken multiple classes of different levels with the same instructors, I can confidently say that they constantly try to teach us more and implement new methods of teaching. I've been around long enough to see the different dynamics between different mini 'generations' of students; most of which have been incredibly positive. The instructors have been able to foster a welcoming environment, and the students have done well to keep it that way.

Calli Lung

From summer camps to regular weekly classes, Authentic is amazing! Very friendly, highly trained teachers, and they keep the kids engaged and excited to go. How Master Farah gets a full class to sit for a minute and meditate and visualize themselves achieving their goals is jaw-dropping! Try a class and check it out -- from Little Dragons to family classes they have lots to choose from.

Muriah Umoquit

Authentic Taekwondo is a great place for children, adults and families to improve their fitness, self confidence and overall well being. The instructors are energetic, professional and are always supportive of the students success. I highly recommended Authentic Taekwondo for anyone 3 years and above.

Shekib Foroughi

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