Authentic Taekwondo is committed to providing quality instructors and creating a family environment where people of all ages and abilities are welcomed and encouraged.

We are a team of professional Martial Arts Masters, former Olympians, National Champions, Entrepreneurs using Taekwondo as a tool for personal development.  We teach important life skills such as confidence, discipline, team work, bully proofing, and self defence. We Find the most effective means to achieve our goals through the principles of Taekwondo in a family friendly environment. We accept students as young as 3 years old and people of  all ages and abilities are welcomed. We have created an environment where everyone can thrive.  At Authentic Taekwondo we help determine your goals, whether it be discipline, fitness or competition, each student is mentored all the way to black belt. Black belt is an important milestone in every martial artists journey, we encourage our students to develop a “black belt” attitude and implement the lessons of Taekwondo in their daily life.

Mission Statement
To serve our community through the principles of Taekwondo with Courtesy and Integrity.

Services                                                                                                                                                                 Children’s, Adults Martial Arts Classes, Family Classes, Private Lessons.  Cardio Kickboxing for fitness, weight loss and increasing muscles.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and much more.

Martial Arts for Men and Women
Our taekwondo course offers a practical self-defence program for men and women. Students learn how to use the stronger parts of their bodies against the weaknesses of a potential attacker. Taekwondo as a martial art has many other benefits as well such as the ability to improve focus and confidence.

Complete Physical Fitness Program
Taekwondo is a complete workout, involving every aspect of athleticism: balance, coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Training is both aerobic and anaerobic. As the students gradually progress in rank, the exercises become more strenuous and complex. Taekwondo is never boring!

Promotes Mental Awareness
An essential part of self-defence is recognizing a bad situation for what it is. Our students learn how to recognize an unsafe situation, and what to do about it. They also develop a personal style of self-defence rooted within their own belief systems. 

Develops Self-Discipline
Self-discipline isn’t just for kids. Our belt ranking system allows adult students to set short-term goals and then strive to meet those goals. Working toward goals in taekwondo carries over into other areas of life: college, continuing education, family, hobbies, and careers.

Increases Self-Confidence
As students achieve higher rank, they are proud of their progress. They are shown respect by lower-ranking students and instructors. Taekwondo instils confidence because there’s really no way to fail. According to a study published in Psychology Today, martial artists have less anxiety, a greater sense of responsibility and are more socially intelligent.

Reduces Stress
There’s nothing like pounding on a bag and yelling really loud at the end of a long day at work. Taekwondo is a safe outlet for frustrations at work, home, or during the commute. And ladies, bring your husbands in, too. We have terrific family rates!

“Li’l Dragonz”
This is a fantastic New Program that Authentic TaeKwonDo is offering to children between the ages of 3 to 6 years old. We believe that as your child enters this tender age that his or her personality is in the process of being formed. Just as you would enter your child into a pre-school environment which allows your child to learn the very basics of interaction with other children their age, we believe that the same goals can be achieved in developing and fostering a healthy outlook on physical activity and physical well-being that will be etched on your child’s memory. And most of all it is simply a lot of fun for both the parents and child.

The “little dragon” will receive his or her own little uniform, as well as interact with children only within their age group and are supervised by trained instructors that simply adore children. The parent is always part of this process and is always requested to be within the studio within a hugs distant away from their child. Both child and parent benefit with this new and rewarding experience.  

Children’s Beginner
The focus of this class is on physical fitness, encouraging an active life style, increased concentration span and learning respect for others. While providing a huge emphasis on children’s self confidence and self esteem in a safe and fun environment.

We believe that human bodies are built for exercise and children are meant to be active, to run, jump, and channel their energy in a fun and positive atmosphere, with the most significant benefits of our taekwondo program is that children enjoy the physical exercise that our program has to offer.

They exercise their whole body, starting with push ups, sit ups, squats and the fundamentals of kicking and punching. And they want to keep coming back for more! For young boys especially the tough physical training allows them to let off steam, while the young girls we focus on very much the same things as well as pushing beyond any self imposed or socially instilled limitations. Through physical activity we develop strong and confident young women.

They love kicking and punching under controlled conditions, but they also learn about self-control and how taekwondo has to stay in the Dojang. And they learn from great role models. All our instructors are not only National and international champions but they are also professionals with a huge emphasis on academic integrity.

Fit, healthy, professional taekwondo instructors and senior students.

Children’s Advanced
Once children have been introduced to the basic Taekwondo activities and have learned the basic kicks, punches and movements, they move into the advanced phase of controlled sparring, with immeasurable benefits.

For example, Shy kids find it hard to cope with confrontation. Teasing in the school yard can ruin their day. And a threat from a bully can lead to melt-down. Through taekwondo sparring kids learn to face up to confrontation. How?

They learn how to stand in a ring and face someone who is trying to attack them. (And believe us although Taekwondo sparring is controlled it is still frightening and confronting.)

Good martial arts instructors build up children’s sparring skills slowly. So at first Taekwondo kids face a couple of kicks in a drill and in time they build up to full sparring bouts lasting around 1-2 minutes. And through their sparring training children learn not to panic. Not to run away. And not to turn their backs. But to stand up tall and face their aggressor. To think clearly under huge pressure and to make the right decision with a clear mind. This very important lesson is not only used against bullies and aggressors but in all aspects of life. When we think clearly and logically under pressure we’re bound to make the right decision and this program has a huge emphasis on this very important lesson.

Family Group Classes  
There is a saying that rings true from our experience”A family that kicks together, sticks together”  Family classes are a great way to exercise alongside your children, husband and wife.  It is a fun classes that challenges your workout but in a fun and engaging way.  Family Taekwondo classes are fun for everyone while challenging you to be better than you were yesterday.


Self Defence

The self-defence component of the curriculum is particularly well suited to age group instruction. Realistic self-defence for a ten year old centres on their learning awareness of typical contemporary threats to a ten year old coming from peers and others, and how to avoid, evade and escape conflict and involve an adult. A mid-teen, however, even on the playground, may be required to resist and discourage substantial, repeated aggression, without escalating the violence or the stakes and without directly involving an adult. Late teens and adults, however, need self-defence techniques which are appropriate to their contemporary, adult, urban Canadian environment and which are consistent with and utilize the full range of their TaeKwonDo skills and strengths.

Age group instruction of self-defence techniques, awareness and attitudes allows the closest fit between the students’ realistic needs and abilities, and the lessons, and keeps the instruction practical. If students experience their self-defence practice as realistic and practically useful, they will be strongly encouraged to trust the instructor’s emphasis on complete, balanced and integrated practice throughout, as the realistic and practical course to black belt graduation.

Authentic’s Philosophy of Experience is intended to serve the vast majority of students whose fundamental interest is not in preparation for athletic competition but, rather, in the experience of progressive physical self-development in regular practice (two or three times a week) through to graduation as a black belt, in a reasonable, predictable period of time (about four years, like high school). We refer to the cumulative experience of accomplishment in practice, from white belt beginner to graduation as a black belt, as A Course of Black Belt TaeKwonDo.

Students learn the fundamentals of tae kwon do through choreographed sequences of combative moves, the breaking of boards or other materials, and two-person controlled sparring.

Practitioners wear a white, loose-fitting uniform known as a dobok, tied at the waist with a colored belt that indicates rank. The ranking system is divided into ten kup (pupil) levels and nine dan (black belt, or expert) levels. At competitions, participants are judged by how well they perform the choreographed sequences, by their accuracy in breaking boards, and by their skill in sparring contests.

Olympic Taekwondo Training 
Established in 2001 in Markham, Ontario, Authentic Taekwondo has garnered a reputation for producing high performance athletes. Over the years Authentic Taekwondo has produced quality athletes to compete at provincial and National Championships. Given that the students at Authentic Taekwondo are learning from the absolute best such as former Olympic Bronze medalist Dominique Bosshart, Pan Am Games team member Ali Ghafour and former Captain and National Champion Akmal Farah, there is no doubt that development of our students will be second to none. With so many Taekwondo programs out there to choose from, Authentic Taekwondo has distinguished itself by emphasizing high quality instruction, from instructors that have experienced the highest levels of competition successfully. We have quickly become known as the place to be, for athletes wishing to take Taekwondo competition to the next level.

Our Olympic Taekwondo training is reserved for athletes that are willing to dedicate themselves to an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in government recognized, Olympic Taekwondo competition. This elite group puts in countless hours of training and full contact sparring weekly. They learn the most important concepts of Taekwondo competition such as, ring and time management, advanced kicks and combinations, timing drills, and all the necessary requirements to train at the highest levels of competition. Athletes are also encouraged to take a provincial referee course to better understand how the game is scored and why, from a referees’ point of view. This also enables the athlete to better understand how warnings, penalties and points etc. are awarded during a match. With hard work and dedication to the sport, they can earn the opportunity to represent their city, Ontario and Canada in Taekwondo competitions provincially, Nationally and Internationally. This program has produced a large group of high calibre athletes including Provincial and National Champions. The success of this program speaks for itself. At present we sent 4 athletes to Junior Nationals in Winnipeg Manitoba for 2011 National championships and returned with 1 Gold and 3 Bronze medals.

Our Sparring Programs are by far the most comprehensive training program of its kind in the area and we are a member of the Ontario Taekwondo Association which is officially recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation. The Ontario Taekwondo Association is the only government recognized, regulating body for Taekwondo in Ontario and we are proud to be a member. All of our black belts in our programs also receive International Black Belt Certification through Kukkiwon. This is important to consider when searching for a local Taekwondo program for your child, as only Kukkiwon registered Black Belts can compete at the Provincial, National, International and Olympic levels of government recognized Taekwondo in Canada.

This is also the only acceptable certification to qualify to compete in the Olympics.

Leadership Program
Authentic’s class and testing schedules are planned to fit into the busy lives of most of our students. And these regular schedules have been working well for the available time and pace of most students, and will continue for all general classes.

We do, however, receive inquiries from some parents and students about an advanced program, for those students who want to substantially increase the time they dedicate to practicing TaeKwonDo and accelerate their testing progress.

So we have introduced The Authentic TaeKwonDo Leadership Programme. This programme is for students who want to work for exceptional technical proficiency as well as accelerated progress. The Leadership Programme would be appropriate, for example, for students who are already considering becoming instructors.

Students in the Leadership Programme will be assigned additional responsibilities for the ongoing maintenance and operations of the dojang and the school. And Leadership members will be expected to join and practice with the Authentic Demonstration Team and represent the school in public, with an exemplary level of skill and attitude. For the student who wants to substantially increase their commitment to excellence in the practice of TaeKwonDo, beyond the normal demands of practice for regular progress, the Leadership Programme can offer a challenging opportunity.

Kick Boxing and Muay Thai
Kickboxing is an integration of Martial Arts and Boxing. The program format is based on Muay Thai Rules and will be geared towards those who may have an interest in recreational kick-boxing. Ever wonder why kickboxers are in such great shape? Join us for this introductory, non-contact class and find out. Participants will take part in boxing exercises and drills designed to:

Cardio-kickboxing is a workout program which is oriented to increasing the students fitness level and well-being
The age level ranges from 13- adult. Most of the workout is concentrated on fat burning and muscle toning with emphasis on core training This program is structured for all levels of fitness with attention focused on technique and injury preventionThere is an optional opportunity for testing from level 1 to level 4. Each successful student who passes their test are awarded with an Authentic Kickboxing certificate

  • Increase cardiovascular circulation.
  • Improve strength and endurance.
  • Teach self defence.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Learn proper boxing and kicking form.

Program Format:

  • Warm up and stretches.
  • Rope skipping add exercise and increase agility .
  • Combination of ‘kick and punch’ instruction.
  • Conditioning and bag work.
  • Squats and quad exercises.
  • Light weight exercise for muscle toning.
  • Abdominal exercises for sculpting.
  • Cool down.