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  • Important - Please Read - Club Closed March 16 to April 3, 2020

    Dear Parents and Students, In response to the recent recommendations from several public health officials to minimize community spread of Covid-19, Authentic Taekwondo will be moving all classes online - more details in the email below. Please read this email all the way to the end.
    The circumstances surrounding Covid-19 have developed quickly in recent days. The decision to close our school is not one that we wanted to make, but we feel it is necessary and appropriate. It is a privilege to serve the families of Markham and surrounding areas and we will do our part to help our community remains as healthy as possible during this challenging situation. It is our sincere hope that ....

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  • How Taekwondo Influenced Me

    I found it difficult to begin writing this essay – not because of a lack of ideas, but my own perceived lack of progression that makes it occasionally distressing to look and reflect upon the past. I know in the objective part of my mind that this isn’t true, but in all my life, my biggest enemy has been my own intrusive thoughts. I wanted to begin with how I started in taekwondo. I always thought martial arts was cool, for lack of a better word. The abilities that people possessed of such great agility and strength reminded me of every character with superpowers I envied in the books and movies that I used to immerse myself in. The real reason I got started at Authentic ....

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  • Dance Lessons on Sundays - Hip Hop[

    Hi, my name is Angela, and I’m a young entrepreneur running the EveryONE Dance Studio- which offers children's dance classes. I was inspired to found these classes to provide a welcoming space for kids aged 3-12 to explore their love for dance, and be able to gain confidence along the way, just like I had. Our classes have small class sizes, so each child will be able to receive close instruction, and are an hour long. In addition, we use music and choreography that make it more enjoyable for kids, and allow them to relate and have fun in class. Although we do focus on technique, our most important priority is to ensure that everyone can truly love dance, while challenging ....

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  • The Land - By Muhammad Kermalli

    The awe, respect, and yes, even the fear of blackbelts is something I still remember from when I was a white belt in the Taekwondo chapter of my life. Now, as a student entrusted with a blackbelt, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of a community where people of diverse backgrounds and varied futures come together to share in building common virtues in themselves and one another. Being a representative of our school, its students, instructors, and the Taekwondo community is a gift for which I'm deeply grateful. In the quest of Sam (Third) Dan, a reflection of the present includes some very vivid moments I recall from my early days in the Dojang. Amongst those is ....

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  • Why We do Taekwondo

    Why We do Taekwondo

    When we think back to why we took up Taekwondo we come up with so many reasons.No matter our age, it’s usually because we wanted (or someone who loves us wanted us) to learn and develop in some way. As we developed we met some awesome people along the way through our instructors, and friends we made from classes and tournaments. Blackbelts developed a great deal by overcoming many obstacles and conquering all sorts of challenges, and should celebrate their accomplishments.It’s like winning a championship. So what happens now?What comes after being a champion? There’s a saying, “I didn’t come this far, to only come this far.” ....

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  • The Authentic Taekwondo Journey

    The Authentic Taekwondo Journey

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with interest and curiosity: the proverbial single stride that grows over time and drives us forward. With consistent effort and desire the beginner student finds ways to enjoy every moment of the journey, not rushing to arrive to a single destination, but realizing there are multiple goals stretched over a never ending learning experience. The true martial artist understands that success and happiness comes from studying the discipline, the skills and knowledge gains, the experiences, the friendships and, ultimately, the legacy we leave behind. Authentic Martial Arts offers a little bit of everything – and also the satisfaction to know that ....

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  • Pros and Cons of Martial Arts for Teens

    The Risks and Benefits of Martial Arts Classes for Teens Does Martial Arts promote violence? Will my teenager learn to defend herself? How likely is my teen to get injured while doing martial arts? These are just a few of the questions many parents have when they consider signing their teen up for Taekwondo lessons. Taekwondo, like other forms of martial art, can be really good for teens. But, there are several things you should consider before signing your teen up for classes.
    Forms of Martial Arts
    More than 6.5 million children in the United States participate in some type of martial arts. Before you sign your teen up for any type of class, make sure you and your ....

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  • Significance of Heart Rate During Exercise

    Significance of Heart Rate During Exercise

    With the presence of wearable technology, it has become easy to monitor heart rate. But what is an ideal heart rate for rest and exercise? Heart rate at rest
    The best time to check your resting heart rate is first thing in the morning, even before you have that hot cup of coffee. Normal resting heart rates should be between 60 to 100 bmp. Lower heart rates mean your heart muscles are in great condition and does not need to work hard to maintain a regular heart beat. People who are active can have heart rates as low as 50 bpm or lower and high performance athletes can have resting heart rates as low as 40 beats per minute. Higher heart rates can be attributed to stress, anxiety, ....

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  • Train Your Dreams

    The memories of my training sessions are still as vivid as some of my most memorable fights. I learned very early on in my athletic career that if you don’t train consistently, you will not be able to achieve your goals in competitions. I also realized that there are some odd “natural” athletes who don’t need to train regularly, and they show up to tournaments to collect their hardware. Unfortunately, I was not one of these gifted individuals. I used to train regularly 3 hours a day, 4 times a week and increased my training substantially as the competition grew wider. I felt the Dojang was my second home. I spent majority of my afternoons there and even my ....

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  • 7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women Recommended by a Professional

    Victor Lyalko, the acknowledged martial arts master, wrote a book where he described the most effective methods of self-defense to help women if they are attacked. Bright Side
    has chosen the easiest and most effective moves for different situations. Any woman can do these no matter how big or heavy the attacker is. 1. For starters, memorize the vulnerable places. It doesn’t matter how big or heavy your attacker is because you can beat anyone if you know where the most vulnerable spots are. The main ones are the eyes, nose, throat, chest, knees, and groin.
    You can attack in any way you want, but to be on the safe side, you need to remember that the most ....

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