5 Reasons Your Child Should Start Martial Arts

There are so many reasons to do Martial Arts. Just ask parents who have children in enrolled in any of our programs. They’ll talk about confidence, discipline and a winning attitude. Below are are just some of reasons for enrolling your children in Taekwondo today.

1. Thwart bullies and Learn Self Defence: Bullies tend to be people with low self image and the only way they could make themselves feel better is by picking on someone who shows clear signs of weakness. Someone who lacks confidence, doesn’t make eye contact, hunched back and gives uncertain replies. At Authentic Taekwondo we teach our students, to use their voice and communicate clearly. We also build confidence and teach techniques to disarm bullies and attackers.

2. Learning to deal with stress: Many of our students are required to test regularly by demonstrating their techniques in front of judges, parents and other students. It is a nerve-racking experience to perform but we teach kids through measured steps to prepare, focus and execute. We have our Black Belt test annually and as you can imagine it is a day that many people look forward to for years. When that day comes, most students do an amazing job despite the nerves and anxiety.

3. Teaches Goal Setting: Through Taekwondo’s belt system, kids automatically set goals to achieve the next level. For example, every student starts with white belt and we help them set their goal to achieve the next belt which is yellow stripe. Our ultimate goal is to help them think long term and aim for Black Belt.

4. Concentration and Academics: Most of our students are doing really well at school. This is based on feedback from parents as well as working closely with teachers in schools. Most teachers will tell you that students who do martial arts tend to be better behaved and more disciplined despite the daily distractions. If you want your child to improve their marks, enroll in a reputable martial arts school.

5. Role Models: Most school owners are incredible role models themselves. Setting a high standard for everyone to follow. At Authentic Taekwondo, our Masters and Instructors are exceptional. The founder of our school is a Dentist by trade, our instructors are entrepreneurs and professionals who share their wealth of knowledge with every child and adult. At the same time, we have instructors who were former Olympians, National champions and incredible Black Belts. So you’re surrounded by amazing martial artists and people.

Enroll your child or yourself today and get fit physically and mentally.

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