Important - Please Read - Club Closed March 16 to April 3, 2020

Dear Parents and Students, 


In response to the recent recommendations from several public health officials to minimize community spread of Covid-19, Authentic Taekwondo will be moving all classes online - more details in the email below.   Please read this email all the way to the end.


The circumstances surrounding Covid-19 have developed quickly in recent days.  The decision to close our school is not one that we wanted to make, but we feel it is necessary and appropriate. It is a privilege to serve the families of Markham and surrounding areas and we will do our part to help our community remains as healthy as possible during this challenging situation.  It is our sincere hope that this public health crisis will subside quickly and allow communities, businesses, and individuals to resume normal activities. 


We want to do everything possible to maintain the development of your Taekwondo skills, and therefore have the following suggestions:


1. Access our online curriculum. You can find Authentic Taekwondo required curriculum on our Youtube channel, We encourage students to review and practice their belt requirements as frequently as they would if they were attending live classes. Taking just a few minutes per day to do so will help you to maintain skills and motivation. 

2. Visit our Facebook/Instragram page for TKD training tips and at home learning. We intend to have videos posted to help you maintain a connection with your curriculum, and to maintain progress with your knowledge.   Check the feed daily for new material during the next 3 weeks. 

3. Download the Zoom app. We will have classes 3 days a week online.  We are excited to let you know that starting Monday, our classes will be available live online through an app called Zoom.  We will conduct classes through this app to encourage our students to participate on a daily basis.  Just because we are all at home over the next 3 weeks, it is not a time to get lazy!  Here’s what you need to do to prepare:


  • Move aside living room furniture, or any place in the house where you will have enough room to do static exercises like jumping jacks, planks, kicks, punches and patterns.   
  • Download the Zoom app on a computer or mobile phone at home as soon as possible to prepare.   We will send each member an invitation via email for these classes.  
  • Make sure your uniform is ready.  I still expect to see you in full uniform for these classes!
  • Most importantly, keep a positive mindset.   For some students - staying focussed for online classes will be even more challenging than in-person.  We are modifying our regular in-person drills for small spaces at home.  It will feel a little different, but it will help you to continue to improve.

We are doing everything possible to ensure that you get the full value of the tuition that you have paid or are paying, while staying healthy at home during this period of time. This is also a time of uncertainty for many people and businesses, and we are asking for your support and patience.   We are honoured by the opportunity to share Taekwondo with your family, and we look forward to working with you again in person as soon as possible. 


Class invitations for Zoom will be sent out later today.




Master Farah 

Authentic Taekwondo Inc.

7676 Woodbine Ave. Unit 9

Markham, On.

905 947 1235

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